Each of us is a unique combination of the elements around us. Discovering this internal nature allows us to move through our lives and our environment with passion, wisdom, and grace. This is the commitment Angela has made to herself, and her patients.


Creating health and vitality is an important step on the path of self-discovery. The true healing is to know thyself, your spirit, your contribution to those you love, your community, and the world. The spark that makes you, uniquely you.


Angela uses her varied education, experience, and expertise to assist you on this challenging yet rewarding path. She focuses on the five petals of whole health: food from the earth, movement of the body, acupuncture and massage healing techniques, whole food and herbal supplementation, and mastering our internal/external environment.


Angela’s treatments utilize acupuncture to create relaxation and harmony with the physical, emotional, and energetic body. She applies medical massage for musculoskeletal pain or visceral and endocrine dysfunction.


Angela holds an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree in health sciences and a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine. She has four levels of training in the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage. She is a certified prenatal and cupping therapist.


She was a proud educator for eight years at Sarasota School of Massage Therapy teaching: Anatomy and Physiology, Shiatsu and Asian Theory, Pathology for the Massage Therapist, Orthopedic Assessment and Massage Application, and Prenatal Massage.


She is a proud member of the American Acupuncture Association, Florida State Oriental Medicine Association, Florida State Massage Therapy Association, American Massage Therapy Association, and the Maya Arvigo International Association.