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Five Petal Holistic Healing is your Center for this rewarding journey.  Whether you are looking to sooth physical aches and pains, create a holistic lifestyle plan, or deepen your body, mind and spirit connection, we are the sacred space for your healing process.


We use our experience and expertise to guide you through the sometimes difficult terrain of self-awareness and self-healing. By addressing all aspects of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, we pinpoint disease and give you the tools to achieve your most vital and balanced you.


Nutrition is not just what we eat to fuel our bodies, it is a daily act of self nurturing. As we begin to honor the miracle that is our physical body, this act becomes sacred and we naturally desire what serves us best.


Every Body is different. Dr. Angela works with your genetic Nature to create the "Diet" that nurtures your individual needs.


We all know exercise is good for us, the key is creating an achievable routine that we can sustain on a daily basis. Dr. Angela works with your body type to help you find movement that fits into your life and that you enjoy doing.


Dr. Angela assists you in finding a successful exercise routine that fits your body type, lifestyle and brings you joy!


Today's Lifestyle is hectic and hurried. It is almost impossible to consistently acquire the nutrients we need to support our individual healing process. Standard Process makes pathologically specific supplements from whole foods that allow you to supply your body with the molecular building blocks it needs.


Herbs have been use for centuries by indigenous peoples to correct internal imbalances. Modern pharmaceuticals originate from natural sources. Dr. Angela resources the power of plant medicine from Rainforest Remedies, medi-herb, and Chinese herbal formulas.


"The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in Whole Foods"


With 8 years of experience as an AP + DOM and 14 years experience as an LMT, Dr. Angela combines her wealth of experience and expertise as a practitioner to formulate a highly effective treatment protocol to suit your health goals.


Your external and internal environment is your setting for success or failure. Dr. Angela works with your individual nature to create an environment of success in your mind, home and life.